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CBD Topicals in New Orleans

Get instant relief with our potent CBD topical products, including CBD pain creams, roll-ons, salves and more.

When applied topically, CBD can help you find relief for sore muscles and joints, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Because topicals are absorbed through the skin, most people experience relief from CBD pain creams and freeze rollers within a few minutes. It’s important to note that to be effective, applying CBD topically requires a larger concentration of CBD than other products.

Product Spotlight: Crescent Canna High-Potency CBD Topicals

Experience deep relief with Crescent Canna’s high-strength CBD recovery creams and freeze rollers.

Crescent Canna offers high-strength CBD Recovery Creams and CBD Freeze Rollers with up to 5000 mg of CBD, making them the strongest CBD topicals available on the market.

Crescent Canna’s CBD Recovery Cream is small-batch crafted with the highest quality CBD, soothing eucalyptus, peppermint, and spearmint essential oils, and vitamin B6 — a powerful combination providing deep relief for muscles and joints.

Crescent Canna’s best-selling high-potency Freeze Roller is delicate yet can provide fast and long-lasting relief, small-batch crafted to roll on smoothly and provide a soothing cool for your muscles and joints. This CBD Freeze Roller uses the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD infused with carefully selected ingredients like organic aloe vera, menthol, and tea tree oil.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

All CBD products interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a collection of cell receptors and molecules that helps regulate essential functions like sleep, appetite, mood, and pain. CBD binds to and activates several kinds of receptors in the ECS, including serotonin, and boosts dopamine levels.

Human skin, our largest organ, has its own immune system and sensory nerves. When you apply CBD topically, it binds to CB1 and CB2, two common receptors in the skin, muscle tissue, and nerves. By this local application, the CBD activates the ECS while bypassing the bloodstream and taking advantage of the many cannabinoid receptors found in your skin, providing targeted relief to a specific area. That’s why topicals are ideally suited to directly relieve localized pain or help improve skin conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Topicals

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about CBD topicals and their safety, effects, and uses.

What's the best way to apply a CBD topical?

People who have localized discomfort or pain may prefer topicals to other forms of CBD, using them to recover and find relief faster. We recommend that you clean and dry the area of the application first, then massage the CBD topical in thoroughly. Wash your hands after the application, and let the product do its work!

If you have allergies or sensitive skin, it might also be a good idea to spot-test the topical first, to see how your body reacts and whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients. And always read the label before use.

What is considered a high-potency CBD topical?

When you hear the word “potency” applied to CBD, it means the concentration of CBD by volume. CBD potency is measured in milligrams. We consider 3000 mg and higher CBD products to be high potency.

Will using a CBD topical cause a failed drug test?

Standard drug tests detect only the presence of THC. As long as the CBD product you’re using is hemp-derived and verifiably free of THC, it will not be detected by a standard drug test. Products containing up to 0.3 percent of THC are legal and freely available; so if you are concerned about failing a drug test, use a CBD product that is THC-free.

Can CBD topicals be used while taking CBD in another form?

Yes! There are many ways to take CBD. One way to enhance efficacy is to complement topical CBD use with a daily dose of CBD oil.

Still have questions about CBD topicals? For more information about how CBD can benefit you, stop by any of our CBD shops across the New Orleans area, or contact us with your questions.